On Set with Chris Evert
With Benjamin Bratt - Ride Along 2
With Gloria Estefan
Aerial Footage - Carnival Cruise Lines
With Eva Longoria
All Aboard - Carnival Cruise Lines
Kerry Sanders - NBC Nightly News
With Jimmy Johnson
With Mark Elias for MBN
Coast Guard Rescue - Weather Channel
With Jessica Simpson - Fashion Show
History Channel - Brad Meltzer's Decoded
With Dara Torres - Olympic Champion
Royal Caribbean - North Star
Live CNBC on Norwegian Cruise Lines
F5 Decked Out For The Steve Harvey Show
Sissy Spacek - Bloodline
With Rudy Giulliani
Simon Cowell - Barefoot
The Weather Channel
With Michelle Obama
Kevin Hart - Ride Along 2
On Set with sam moore
CBS Sunday Morning @ The Paramount, Miami
Shooting the Slides
Royal Caribbean - Shipyard in France
Tika Sumpter - Ride Along 2
Benjamin Bratt - Ride Along 2
With Gloria Estefan - At Her Home
With Dr. Agatston
Dara Torres - Olympic Gold Medalist
Del Rio:Mody.jpeg
Private Charter back from the Bahamas
Boom Pole Fishing in the Bahamas
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